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Today, shopping can be overwhelming and confusing for customers who want their favorite brands at the best price. At Price Less we keep it simple. We price our products at cost, then add 10% at checkout. We carry all your favorite name brand foods, and we accept manufacturer coupons. But, we offer you your favorite brands at an everyday lower cost than you would find at ‘traditional grocers.’ No gimmicks. Still have questions? See our FAQ’s below to to learn more.

Shop and experience the Price Less difference.


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What does cost-plus mean, and how is it different from the way I shop at other stores?

We price our products at cost and then add 10% at the checkout. Typical grocery stores have weekly specials at deeply discounted prices – even below cost on some items – to entice customers. That means other prices in the store must be higher in order to balance their profits. Price Less simply offers the best deals up front, cutting out the need for sales gimmicks, rewards cards and constant price comparison shopping.


How do you determine cost, and why are items priced this way?

Cost is determined by the total expense it takes to buy products and get it from our suppliers to the shelf, including freight, fuel surcharge, labor, warehouse and overhead. Using cost to determine the selling price ensures that every item in the store is priced as low as possible.


Why is the 10% added on to my price at the checkout?

It’s so you can see OUR cost of the product on our shelves.  We don’t inflate prices on certain items the way most retailers do.  And by keeping it simple, we’re able to cut out marketing costs other retailers pay, and we’re happy to pass those savings on to our customers.


Why are there no weekly sales ads?

First, it’s a matter of cost. We don’t advertise regularly, therefore we keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you. Lastly, it’s a matter of simplicity. Just like you, we’re busy with family, work and activities, so we understand the need for saving time and money. We don’t make our shoppers jump through hoops to save, which is why we don’t have weekly sales and gimmicks. Instead we offer the best prices on top brands, every day.


Why are some of your stores Price Less Foods and Price Less IGA? Is there a difference?

No there is no difference. All Price Less stores operate under the same cost-plus format, and all stores are licensed IGA retailers. As a part of the IGA family, Price Less stores feature IGA exclusive brand products, and we have the buying power of large national retailers. Plus, IGA retailers like Price Less are able to offer exclusive deals and savings with IGA partners including Coca-Cola, Smuckers, Nestle, Anheuser-Busch, and Kraft just to name a few.


Do you accept manufacturer coupons

Yes! You’ll already find GREAT PRICES on your favorite brands, AND we accept MANUFACTURER COUPONS.


What is the store like? I don’t want to shop out of a warehouse or cardboard shipping boxes.

We invite you to visit us! You’ll find a warm and inviting environment with lots of selection – not a cold, bare bones warehouse.


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